Sunday, May 1, 2011

Near Map Views

Here are some nearmap views from Nov through to April

Really moving along now

Well we've been busy looking for things to put in the house, away for Easter and the like, while we've been doing that the Tradies have been busy. The brickies are way behind but it's full steam ahead on the insides.

Shower bases done as well

Ensuite is in too

Kitchen and lounge taking shape

Main Bathroom

Laundry looking great

Here are the first lot of bricks started over 5 weeks ago !!

Our Internal and external insulation - Gee it's going to be quiet

Plaster up, can't get over the fact that is one days work

This is what a messy building site looks like

Wife is pleased with the opening into the lounge

Brickies are still plodding along

Kitchen is installed too